Conflicting Moral Codes, and What to Do About Them (via Huisjen’s Philosophy Blog)

An important insight into the conflicting moral codes between religions and different groups of people in general. The thoughts presented in this essay should not be ignored, through ideas like these bigotry could one day be abolished, but due to the massive amount of hotheaded fundamentalists from so many different belief systems, cultures and countries, it will be quite a while still.

One of the most difficult questions of philosophy is deciding on a moral code to adhere to. One of the most difficult questions after that is how to relate to the moral codes of others, particularly when they go against the code you’ve taken as your own. These are questions concerning which one libraries’ worth of speculation and contemplation have been written, with no final consensus, so it would be the height of hubris to assume that I might p … Read More

via Huisjen’s Philosophy Blog


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