A Wake & In That Year…

These poems, A Wake and In That Year… are from Jim Morrison’s book of poetry by the name of The American Night, published by Vintage Books. I simply have chosen to share these because personally I find Jim Morrison to be a genius and one of my major inspirations. These are some of my favorites by him, among many others. Not only was Morrison a lyrical genius but he was a great poet, as is shown in many of his published books of poetry. While some consider him a shaman or the Lizard King or even the witty anagram Mr Mojo Risin is used to refer to him; he was best known as Jim Morrison of the Doors. Below is just a sample of his genius.


A Wake

A wake
Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one
Choose the day, & the sign
of your day,
1st thing you see.

A burnt tree, like a giant
primeval bird, a leaf,
dry & bitter, crackling tales
in its warm waves.
Sidewalk gods will do for you.
The forest of the neighborhood,
The empty lost museum, &
The mesa, & the Mt’s pregnant
Monument above the newstand
where the children hide
When school ends.


In That Year…

In that year we had a great visitation of energy.

Back in those days everything
was simpler & more confused.
One summer night, going
To the pier, I ran into
2 Young girls. The
blonde was called Freedom,
the dark one, Enterprise.
We talked, & they told
me this story.


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