Travanj No’c Konflikt

and in the darkness
i saw their shadows
creep upon the door
and move across the

and watching far
away as the
guardians work
through their

i swerve off the track
of time, and call a
final thought to
plunder mind and,
foray into exhaustion.

“Awake, only show
anger to your bride, for
with her thoughts she
will eventually turn to

while the asylum’s
neglect their refugees
and fret over circumstance,
the atmosphere will open
and break their emergencies
and insipid trance.

if you don’t stay with him
it could be wrong, and they
told him not to leave,
all along.

those who should be trusted
bashed it all away, in a quick
unjust, crash and sway.

leave me here so that
can say,  how long its
been since i have
at least a day, but it
could be two, its
just as easy, as it
is to pray. an
answer never comes
but if i stay, there will
be one more to add to
the fray.


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