Thoughts on Ignorance

Emma Goldman onces said, “The most violent element of society is ignorance.” And I could not agree more fully. Massacres, genocides, and ethnic cleansing, among many other atrocities, have all sprung from the simple term ignorance, often accompanied by greed. There is another side of ignorance that is important to address also. The fact is, ignorance has created multiple extremely conceited, dumb and arrogant generations, and it is this point that I would like to address.

Over time people become ignorant of what is actually important because distractions are continually created, and eventually consume whole civilizations. Between the glorification of public figures, excessive amounts of shallow entertainment, and activities that require no mental activity, people have become more and more detached from any kind of search for knowledge and understanding. When one combines what is mentioned above with consumerism, a dangerous cocktail is created, which can be described by many different terms, escapism being one of them.

Escapism has almost become synonymous with our generation. When one observes society today they may notice that Aldous Huxley’s predictions of future societies was almost dead on. Now, one would think that at this time in history we would be making an exorbitant amount of progress considering we now have the greatest database of information and shared thought that man has ever seen. This database is what we call the internet. However, the majority of our population settles for minimum requirements being made and are no longer interested in learning.

Yet, if one has stopped seeking understanding, truth and knowledge they become a static being and ignorance rules their thought. Being enslaved by ignorance confines a person to only one corner of their overall existence. To be set free one must seek those exact objects which they have chosen to ignore.

Not only do we have the most massive database of information and shared thought that we have ever known, but we also have more books than ever have been available to any civilization, and they are all essentially at the tips of our fingers. But of course this is completely ignored by the majority of our population.

Imagine if every person had an inclination to seek knowledge, we would be far beyond where we are now. Many people who could help make a significant difference in the progress of man, have become absorbed in things that deter them from ever reaching their full potential, and this is one of the most important things to abolish in the world. With the abolishment of the trait of ignorance many other things will fall with it. Prejudices, delusion and minuscule differences could be done away with if people began to try to understand their fellowman, and began to examine the world through a critical eye.

We are at an important point in history that needs to be handled with extreme care, every person can make a difference, and by abandoning outdated ideologies, prejudices and any other obsolete things that divide us from each other we can make serious progress.

“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.”
-Dalai Lama


4 responses to “Thoughts on Ignorance

  1. Interesting thoughts, although I can’t lie and say I haven’t considered them myself. Ignorance does rule society, especially the younger generations, with an increasingly alarming rate… which can be attributed to the spike in technology. I feel like I’m partially restating what you just said, so I’ll stop here.
    But anyway,
    Keep writing, nice work.

  2. You speak of ignorance as if it can be irradicated; it can’t. Simply rising in the morning increases ignorance in each one of us, nor is ignorance always a negative trait. This feels humanist, but your thoughts are incomplete.

  3. @greggor – you are right, it can’t simply be eradicated, and my thoughts are incomplete because there really is no precise solution. So I guess this is kind of an observation of a problem with no solution. I wish I could’ve thought of some sort of fix but while I was writing this I even asked myself “How can this be changed?” And I think really the only attempt we have at doing this is to seek knowledge as I mentioned above. It will be a constant battle, but its better to try than to never give it a second thought. Thanks for the input.

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