About Sift Through the Static

Sift Through the Static is the creative and mental outlet for Zach Taylor. My aim is to include three major themes on this blog: Books, Poetry and Philosophy. This is where I will review each book I read and share any philosophical thoughts or ideas that I find or come up with. I will also add any poetry that I write if I deem it worthy to be shared, along with that I will also share some of my favorite poems now and then.

I hate it when people give a long bio on themselves at a blog. Truth be told not many people want to read that and really just want to hear what you have to say and share with them in your blog. So I plan to make this as brief as possible.

For quite sometime I’ve wanted to start up a blog just to share my ideas and opinions and finally I decided to call wordpress my new home. My interests run in so many directions that sometimes its hard to follow them myself. I hope to have a focus and no focus at all for this blog.

I would consider myself an existentialist, a cynic, a music lover, a photographer, urban explorer and an avid book reader among other things.

“Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche
“Actually I don’t remember being born, it must have happened during one of my black outs.”
-Jim Morrison

If you are interested in photography check out a collaborative blog done by me and my friend Robert Finch: Photofollow

Abandoned house on Willow Branch Road in Blackrock, North Carolina, USA


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