On Writing. (via postmarked heart)

This was poem is more true than any other statements on writing. It needs to be read and taken to heart.

On Writing. On Writing if it doesn’t come bursting out of you in spite of everything, don’t do it. unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind and your mouth and your gut, don’t do it. if you have to sit for hours staring at your computer screen or hunched over your typewriter searching for words, don’t do it. if you’re doing it for money or fame, don’t do it. if you’re doing it because you want women in your bed, don’t do it. if you have to sit … Read More

via postmarked heart


The First Step is the Most Overwhelming

I’ve finally come to the conclusion about what makes blogging so god-awful difficult. Its the very first post. The very first post of a blog is the hardest simply because its so immensely overwhelming. I go blank when I sit down to post for the first time. I want to jump right into some main topic but I simply feel like there is no specific topic that is worthy of being my very first post.

So therefore I have decided to compromise by making an awkward first post. A post that will basically get all the formalities out of the way. A post to establish that this is my first post.

To learn a tiny bit about me check the: About Sift Through the Static page.

However odd this feels I must get it out of the way before I feel entitled to post anything on a substantial topic, and I almost feel at this point that if your still reading this then you are possibly anticipating something great to come or something at least fairly entertaining. Well I hope this blog will not disappoint in the end. I’m going to have to discipline myself though, which is going to be the second hardest part about it all.

I can quite possibly ramble on for some time longer than this about the nothingness that I have been addressing the entire time, but I will leave it at that.

Things of interest to come, I promise.