Geotic is the Electronic/Ambient musical project of Will Wiesenfeld, also known for his work as Baths, which he recently returned to after neglecting it since 2008. With his minimalistic style he manages to create wonderful landscapes that engulf your sense. Using a range of sound and loops accompanied with electric guitar  he is able to create a thought provoking atmospheric sound with lo-fi perfection.

Wiesenfeld has made his entire Geotic discography free to download here. However, there is also an option to donate, which I encourage everyone to do!

His newest, self-released, full length album, Mend grabbed the attention of Pitchfork and was reviewed with a 7.4. (Which is about as good as an ACTUAL artist will get when it comes to Pitchfork, considering Pitchfork rated Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a perfect 10.0 and named it album of the year in 2010(this still makes me cringe.)) Though Pitchfork does not cater as much to an artist like Will Wiesenfeld, it was some positive attention, which planted a seed and brought in some new fans.

Cover art of Geotic's album, Mend

I know I don’t usually blog about music, but I think the addition of music to the blog is not a bad idea considering it consumes a large portion of my time and energy. So there will be more in the future.